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Salsa Technology

Salsa Technology was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Malta. Before that, they were named Patagonia Entertainment, they rebranded to Salsa Technology in 2019 to reflect their goal of adding an element of “spice” to online gaming.

Popular Games

Video Slots

Salsa Technology’s video slot machines are among the top-rated games. With a variety of games and themes, there’s something to suit all players in their games, including Candy Bingo, Monsters Bingo, and Mayan Bingo!

Table Games

For something more traditional, Salsa Technology also provides an array of table games. They include classic favorites such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, which have been designed to be entertaining and rewarding.


Salsa Technology is renowned for its bingo games. These games have been designed with social and fun elements in mind and allow players to get involved with one another while having fun. The most popular games include Candy Bingo, Super Pachinko as well as Farm Bingo.

Security and Fairness

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption

Salsa Technology utilizes SSL encryption to protect all data transmissions between servers and their users. SSL is an extensively used encryption protocol that encrypts all data including financial and personal information, to protect it from being accessed or stolen by malicious actors.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Salsa Technology has implemented two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized employees can gain access to its system. It requires users to provide two methods of identification to log into their accounts, such as an account password and a security code that is directly sent to their mobile devices.

Firewall Protection

Salsa Technology utilizes firewalls to stop unauthorized access to its systems. Firewalls are a security device that monitors and regulates both outgoing and inbound network traffic based on established security rules.

Regular Security Audits

Salsa Technology performs regular security audits to find and fix any weaknesses or security threats that could affect its systems. The company works with security experts to ensure that its security protocols are up-to-date and efficient.

Secure Payment Processing

Salsa Technology follows industry standards and regulations when processing payments. It only uses reputable payment service providers, and they employ sophisticated security measures and fraud detection to protect its clients from fraudulent transactions.

Salsa Software Provider


Salsa Technology’s games are among the most innovative and exciting games available online in the world of casino gaming. With a wide selection of top-quality graphics and audio, along with innovative gaming mechanics, this company offers a fun and rewarding choice for those seeking a fun casino experience. Their dedication to security on the internet is evident through their implementation of the most advanced security protocols and features. With Salsa Technology’s secure software casinos online in Malaysia can provide their customers with secure gaming environments which protect financial and personal information from theft or access by unauthorized persons. Through regular security audits, and in compliance with the industry’s standards and regulations, Salsa Technology is a dependable partner for any casino seeking to put player safety first and security.